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Who has time to understand all the ins and outs of digital marketing? We do.

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At SCM, we believe your digital marketing should act as a sales person.

  • Keep your business and brand in front of your potential clients
  • Sell your products or services
  • Educate your clients
  • Engage your clients
  • Get the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Create a call to action that makes sense
  • Understand the customer journey

What is Digital Marketing?

Responsive Website Design

Almost every business has a website, and it's important for yours to stand out. A professionally designed website that is easy to navigate on any screen size is key to gaining customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the first places people go for information is Google. But, if your business doesn't rank high in search engine results, how will your potential customers find you?

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Most of your potential clients are already on social media websites; it makes sense to advertise and connect with them where they already are. Be sure to have a content calendar that is designed to attract their attention.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Google, Bing, Yahoo)

Get your online ads in front of the right audience, and only pay for the ones that get a response. Pay-Per-Click advertising allows for you to customize your ads and work on any budget.

Email Marketing

Send your message right to your customer’s inbox. Be able to quickly send out a time-sensitive message that can be personalized to the customer.

Inbound Lead Generation

Instead of going after the customer, have the customer come to you. That’s what inbound is all about. Create compelling content that makes people looking for your services seek you out when they need to buy.

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“After talking to all the Digital Marketing companies on the list, I came to the conclusion that SCM was the best and the brightest of the bunch. And that has proven to be exactly correct! Everything that I had hoped for has been accomplished, and they really are experts in their field. Working with them is like having your own marketing department right on hand.”

Bob W.

Steps to Succeed

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Clear * Concise * Marketing

At SCM we know the struggles of business owners because we are business owners. Our passion is working with you and getting to know your business. From what you excel at to what your struggles are. Once we know your business, then we can efficiently help you craft a strategic digital marketing plan.

When you work with SCM, you’re not working with a separate company. You’re working with a partner. We work with you to develop a strategy that works best for your goals, and help you to execute it. We don’t give you a solution and call it a day. We continuously work with you to produce measurable results.

We’re there to give it to you straight. We help determine the difference between needs and wants and what will get you results with digital marketing.

Our team at SCM has years of accumulated experience helping businesses of all sizes across many different industries. We are driven, innovative, and results-oriented.