How Google Maps Can Help Your Website

The primary function of Google Maps is to make it easier for people to find your brick and mortar store or business. However, if Google Maps is used correctly, it can accomplish so much more than that. You can turn a simple web navigation application into a great digital marketing tool. Your website is an integral part of your business and if your website does not already link to google maps, here are some significant reasons why it should.

Being on Google maps is a great way to increase your websites ranking on the Google search engine which leads to increased visibility and conversion rates. Having your site linked to Google maps also allows people to view your company and its map description from the initial Google search page. This shows them your address, photos, and reviews which also brings your business more exposure and lends an air of legitimacy.

The search engine wants to help people find relevant search results, so it ranks businesses based on how local they are to the searcher. Google Maps lists businesses in order of proximity to the searcher. To use this to your advantage, it is essential to include as many details as possible about your location and services. For example, if a Brooklyn flower shop wanted to increase their rankings, instead of writing Brooklyn flower shop, they would be more specific and write the name of the neighborhood in Brooklyn in which they are located or that they service.

Fill in as many fields as possible on your Google Maps page. The more specific the details, the higher the search rankings are likely to be since you are providing Google with more information that can help them deliver better results to searchers. Some examples of how you can do this are by adding photos, phone numbers, hours of operation, and by encouraging reviews.

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