What Happens When You Stop Investing in SEO

If you worked with a bad digital marketing company and wanted to stop investing in SEO for your website what’s the damagestop investing in seo going to be?

To put it simply it could ruin your business, let me explain.

SEO isn’t a one-trick fix to magically get you ranking higher in Google forever. It’s a slow process that takes months to see big changes and needs to constantly be updated in order to stay there. If you were to stop investing in SEO those services that are keeping your position will begin to drop. 

Still following with me? 

To understand why SEO is so important you need to understand what all goes into it AND what isn’t involved with it.

First, SEO isn’t just adding keywords to your blogs and website, while it helps Google rank your site for those keywords it’s not the only factor it uses. 

SEO is the user interface and the performance of your website along with images, videos, blogs, reviews, and other content related to your niche and business. 

SEO is constantly updating your website with the new layout and design for an optimized mobile and desktop view as well as fixing any issues that may arise in the back-end of your website. 

SEO is being able to update your website and content with the latest trends in society, simply put nobody wants to go to a website that looks out of date and slow to load.

Why is it that SEO is always changing?

Good question, because the internet, people, and technology are always changing.

Google adds major updates to their algorithm twice a year typically, causing us digital marketing agencies to change our strategies to fit with the new protocols. 

People are changing the way they want to communicate and interact with businesses such as through social media and mobile devices. 

Technology is constantly changing and updating and one day if we are all in the Meta Verse we will need to find new strategies to provide SEO services for that as well. 

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