You have probably heard of the importance of making a good first impression. Even though most of us understand this concept, we continue to fail at it without even realizing what we are doing wrong. Here is how the story unfolds:

The consumer is desperately in need of water removal.  It is up to you to build trust quickly, and most often the relationship starts with them doing a Google search for water removal –  which leads to an ad – which converts to a call.  Sounds easy doesn’t it? So why can’t everyone get calls?

As you have already found out….it’s not that easy.

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From the second your ad shows up in front of a consumer, they instantly build an expectation in their mind as to how the experience will unfold. Different thoughts race through their head;  Will you get there in a hurry? Have you done this numerous times? Do you know anything about insurance claims?  How long does this process take? Will my home be okay? Am I in good hands? What are my options?

Tension mounts when the expectation and the experience do not match.  The wider the gap between the two, the more frustration there will be on both sides of the equation. Wide gaps usually mean unhappy consumers and low margin. Neither of these are good for your business.

Here are four steps you must do, and do well, to get more water removal leads:

  1. You can’t play the game if you don’t pay the ante. When people encounter broken pipes or storm water damage, they need help now. And I mean now.  They are not going to take the time to shop around or spend time researching.  They are going to Google “water removal”, pick an ad that comes up, and make a call.  If you are not ranking high on the search page, you are most likely not going to be considered. Hire an experienced expert to help you with your digital advertising to maximize your chances of being visible.
  2. Once you are visible, your advertisement needs to draw people in.  What are they looking for? Assure them that everything will be okay and that you are the one to help.  Experienced digital experts know this, consult with one to make sure your ads are solid and consistent.

  3. The goal is to have the customer call you.  What happens when your phone rings?  Do they get a dispatcher?  Is there a live person?  Does that person know what to say?  Are you reassuring the customer?  This is critical because here is where the expectation and experience starts to unravel if you mishandle the call.  Make sure your team is clear on how to handle the call.  Consult with a digital marketing expert for help with talk tracks if you don’t have good ones.

  4. Once the job is done, you need to follow up with the customer.  Ensure they had a good experience and if not fix it now.  Use this opportunity to get a testimonial that you can use in the future. Get an email if you don’t already have one, especially if the job is due to flood because these areas will likely flood again.
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  5. The restoration industry is competitive- no doubt about it. In order to succeed, you must outsmart your competition. In addition to using the four steps above, we can help you do just that and will make sure your phone keeps ringing.

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