Basic Designing Tips to Help Your Website Conversion Rate

If you are wondering why your web conversion rate isn’t doing so well, it is most likely due to a few reasons. It could be that your website has either too much or too little information about you and your business, you may be unclear about who your customers are, or your website looks like […]

2019 SEO Trends to Watch For

As with anything in technology, each new year brings changes and updates and this year’s SEO trends are no different. Here are some of the most significant changes you will need to become familiar with if you do not want to get left behind in the SEO dust of 2019. 1. SEO Trends – Internet […]

How Videos Are Changing Social Media Marketing

In the last few years social media, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have released video sharing capabilities, and nothing has been the same since. The biggest change in social media marketing has been the sheer increase in content volume. Companies all want to know how they can stand out above all the noise on social […]