Our Story

Welcome to SCM Marketing Solutions! Our journey began in 2008 with Saving Cash Magazine, offering unbeatable deals in the Fox Cities. Embracing the digital world’s rise, we evolved into a leading Digital Marketing Agency.

In 2015, we bid farewell to the print edition, fully embracing digital marketing. In 2019, Derek Beattie took over as the new owner, driving us to new heights and empowering clients with cutting-edge strategies, from growth-inducing lead generation to unique brand recognition, we hold the magic formula for success!

At SCM Marketing, we thrive on change, pushing boundaries, and redefining digital marketing’s art. Partner with us, and you’ll stay ahead of ever-changing trends.

Conquer the digital landscape with us, and together, we’ll create a lasting success story for your brand and customers. Elevate your business with SCM Marketing Solutions!


To form sustainable growth for our customers through a strategy centered marketing plan focused on the unique needs of each business.

Helping today's businesses become tomorrow's success stories.

Strategy Centered Marketing

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