One of the main arguments against direct mail marketing is that it’s difficult to track the return on investment (ROI). However, there are a few key elements that you can include in your next direct mail campaign that allow you to track calls, website visits, and in some cases – foot traffic.

Some of these tactics may seem basic, but sometimes that is all you need to effectively track ROI.


1. Tracking Phone Numbers

When you put your contact information on a direct mail piece such as a postcard or door hanger, how can you differentiate the people who call after seeing that ad from someone who found you on Google? When you use a tracking phone number, you can assign a specific phone number that only people who see your direct mail piece will have access to. Use subscription platforms like CallRail or tell your direct mail marketing firm that you would like to use call tracking.

2. Landing Pages & Analytics

Instead of directing all traffic to your main website, send people who receive your direct mail to a custom landing page that is targeted towards your campaign. Make it simple for them to place an order or give you a call by having all of the information in one place. With a landing page designed for each campaign, as long as it is set up with Google Analytics, you can track the amount of traffic and their behavior on that page.

3. QR Codes

Direct mail customers are looking for things that are easy. Make getting to your landing page even easier by including a QR code. The QR code will take users to a tracked URL that goes to the same landing page. When you do this, you can know exactly how many times the QR code was scanned.

4. Coupons & Promo Codes

Nothing brings in more business than a promotion or discount. There are multiple ways to track a promotion through direct mail. You can have a physical coupon that customers have to use in-store, or you can use a promotional code that they enter online. Physical coupons are better if you are trying to gain more foot traffic but are more dependent on you tracking the results.
On your next direct mail marketing campaign, implement some of these tactics to easily measure your return on investment. Need more tips to get direct mail success? Get in touch with someone from the SCM team.