6 Facebook Posting Tips for 2017

6 Facebook Posting Tips for BusinessesHaving a business page on Facebook is no longer just “a nice thing to do” it is now a necessity. Here are 6 Facebook posting tips that will help make your Facebook page effective.

1. It is important to find the right balance of Facebook posting as it has a significant impact on your company’s marketing and branding efforts. An excellent way to figure this out is by experimenting with the publishing times and frequency of your Facebook posts. On the other hand, if you post too frequently, your Facebook posts can become annoying to your followers. Over-posting will clog up your customers’ news feeds and turn your branding efforts into an irritant.

Not having enough Facebook posts on your Facebook page could cause a prospective new customer to doubt the authenticity of your company. It is for this reason why so many businesses utilize Facebook posts to embolden their marketing and branding objectives.

2. When using a Facebook post for marketing and branding, the aim is to have as many people read the Facebook post as possible. Therefore, the time of day you chose to release your Facebook post is rather significant. During work hours fewer people are as actively reading Facebook posts as after work hours. Knowing when most people are reading Facebook posts, it is understandable that a standard best practice for branding and marketing professionals is to publish Facebooks posts after work hours.

3. When creating a Facebook post, it is important to consider the frequency and attitude of the Facebook post. Each Facebook post sends a marketing message that has a particular effect on the type branding you are doing for your company.

4. When authoring a Facebook post, it is imperative to be conscious of having a genuine attitude within the Facebook post. When people read your Facebook post, it will be easy for them to tell if the Facebook post is disingenuous, this could be damaging to your marketing and branding endeavors.

5. An excellent marketing method is Facebook contests. They can create more traffic for Facebook posts, create instant engagement and can do wonders for branding as they create a massive surge of brand awareness.

Here are some Facebook contest ideas:

Like and tag 5 friends to win
Like and tell us how you would use our product if you would win it
Caption this to win

6. A Facebook post that takes readers behind the scenes improves transparency for your branding and marketing efforts. It also increases engagement of your Facebook post readers as everyone wants to see the inside scoop of what is going on in the company they are reading about on the Facebook posts. Going behind the scenes is a successful branding and marketing tool because it helps readers create familiarity with your business.

Engaging with your customers on Facebook will help both your branding and marketing. Call SCM Marketing Solutions for all of your Internet Marketing needs.