Basic Designing Tips to Help Your Website Conversion Rate

website conversion rate

If you are wondering why your web conversion rate isn’t doing so well, it is most likely due to a few reasons. It could be that your website has either too much or too little information about you and your business, you may be unclear about who your customers are, or your website looks like it might not be considerate of mobile users.

Keep Information Short

Your website might be considered underdeveloped if the information is either too long to read or too difficult to find. Visitors usually skim through information and don’t want to read a long intro. If they have to “hunt” for specific information, they would most likely just look to your competitors instead who might have information more easily accessible.

Reach Out to Your Visitors and Customers

When your visitors start to visit your competitors instead, it doesn’t hurt to check their website and find out why their website conversion is doing so well. Have goals and brainstorm small ideas on how to reach out to visitors and then turn them into potential customers. Make call-to-action accessible at the top and at the bottom of your website. These are usually in forms of a telephone number, schedule button, or contact forms. Having different types of contact options give visitors different ways to reach out to you. But if it becomes unclear of what you’re selling, they will not stay on your website for long, much less contact you.

Increase the Credibility of Your Website

It’s hard enough to attract customers that may not be entirely interested in your product. Keep your information light and in bullet form. Include testimonials from legitimate customers from dependable websites such as Google or Angie’s List, and even a gallery or portfolio of past your business’ projects. This will only strengthen your credibility and will eventually attract more customers and visitors. And because people use mobile more frequently, it makes sense to start appealing to those visitors also!

Mobile Friendly

Mobile usage is a growing trend and more easily accessible to look up information, website, or social media. When considering web conversion for mobile, it should be a lot simpler while still maintaining all the important information from your website. Keep constraints in mind since screen size changes with each user.

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