A New Website Design Can Make Your Business 10x More Money

Your presence on the internet today is everything in business. Word of mouth is still valuable but if your social presence isn’t up to par with it then you’re losing customers. More people would rather do business with a company that has a better website.  WHY!? Because they see that company as being an expert […]

Stop Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

If you’ve tried using Facebook Ads only to get no leads or conversions, little traffic, and end up wasting your money READ THIS NOW. Facebook Ads are a great tool to use for your business. Facebook offers a lot of variety and tracking tools for all your needs to run a successful campaign. All that […]

How Google Sees SEO

There’s a lot of things that Google looks at when it comes to SEO and your website so let’s try and make this as simple as possible and talk about what you should be focusing on. For your website to be ranked high by Google it first needs to be seen by Google. It gets […]

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

You may think that the cost of working with a digital marketing agency might not be worth it but, it will actually help your business exponentially. Here are some reasons why you need a digital marketing agency. TIME MANAGEMENT This is by far the biggest and most important reason to hire a digital marketing agency, […]

Why Does Your Business Need SEO Help

People can’t do business with you if they don’t know who you are. This is true in most businesses today, even on the internet.  Not many people want to do business or buy something from someone that they don’t know anything about. This is where SEO can help your business.  What is SEO? In a […]

Why is Video Content the Future

A few years ago you could have massive success online with pictures and some text on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Even farther back all you needed to do was post anything and you didn’t even have to have pictures.  That’s all changed now. Nowadays you need all different types of content […]

How Can You Use Social Media for Your Business

In this day and age if your business doesn’t use social media it could be hurting your business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, dipping your toe into a variety of different platforms is the key to growing your business in today’s market. But with so many platforms how should you […]

Manage Your Social Media Accounts That Don’t Get Leads

Social media is still in its early stages for most businesses and some companies don’t see any results with their social media accounts so they give up on them. THIS IS NOT GOOD.  Just because your social media account isn’t generating you leads right now doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t’ generate you leads […]

What is Domain Authority and How to Make it Better?

Domain Authority (DA) is a result of how search engine sites like Google rank your website. Your website is then gauged through SEO software like Moz to see how you rank up against others. Just because you have the highest domain authority ranking doesn’t mean you’ll do the best; there are still many factors that […]