How Can You Use Social Media for Your Business

In this day and age if your business doesn’t use social media it could be hurting your business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, dipping your toe into a variety of different platforms is the key to growing your business in today’s market. But with so many platforms how should you use them all? Here is a blog explaining how to use the different social media platforms.

social media

First up is Facebook, most businesses have business profiles since Facebook has been around for a long time and it’s widely known and used around the world. This platform is good for running ads, setting up a Facebook marketplace, interacting with your customers, having them leave reviews, sharing information that they might want to know. The biggest thing with Facebook is the age of the users, the majority of the people using these platforms are 25-55+ years of age so it favors more of an older generation. 

Next up is Twitter, this is one where many companies have missed out on the opportunity for growth, and trying to grow your Twitter right now is difficult. Twitter is still a very useful platform that has the potential to be rekindled in the future. It still has a very big presence today and it is great for businesses to let their followers know what exactly is going on at a moment’s time. It allows for those quick comments that you would make into a video or one post like on Facebook or YouTube. If you don’t see the potential right now, our team recommends that you still create a Twitter account for your business so you can get ahead of the game. 

Next is Instagram, this platform is very popular with a younger generation (<25 years old).  The ability to share pictures and videos with their followers makes this platform difficult for older business owners because of the technology they have to learn and the trends that follow with it. Instagram also allows you to run Instagram ads as Facebook is its parent company which can be very beneficial to your business but photos have little effect nowadays as videos are becoming a necessity. Next month’s blog will talk about the importance of Video creation for the future of business. 

The next platform is LinkedIn.  This social media platform is growing and will eventually be the “Facebook for professionals”. For companies that do B2B LinkedIn will be the platform to do that on. If your business is not on LinkedIn create one and start optimizing it as you still have time before it grows massively. If your business is on LinkedIn continue to grow your account and learn how to use new features that will be created for it so you can maximize the benefit from media

The final platform we will be talking about today is YouTube. YouTube will be the 2nd greatest platform for your business besides your website. Video creation is becoming a must for businesses and the best platform for that is YouTube. The ability to run a variety of ads, create a channel, and have a place where you can grow organically and reach a targeted audience is why YouTube is so powerful. 

Running a business and trying to run all social media platforms is extremely difficult especially if you are a small business. Many large companies have separate divisions for each platform and digital marketing for their company, while other companies hire out marketing agencies for help. If your company wants to grow on social media it’s not enough to do it yourself anymore and that’s where SCM Marketing Solutions is here to help you today. We want to run your social media while you are busy running your business. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your business grow.