What is a Good Website Conversion Rate?

Before we go into detail on what a good website conversion rate is, we need to understand what it is. Conversion rate records the percentage of users or visitors who have completed a specific action, such as a new purchase, sign-up, or download, and so forth. The percentage for each product or service can vary […]

What Can Digital Marketing Do For My Business?

Digital marketing has become the norm in order to have a successful business. Did you know that there are close to five billion internet users as of 2022? Imagine the mass exposure your business could get! The future of your business can be full of numerous opportunities and digital sales, but only if you invest […]

How a Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business in 2022

If you are a business owner that doesn’t employ a full-time marketing division in your company or work with a marketing agency it means two things. Either you are working too many jobs and your digital marketing for your business is suffering or not doing as well as you hope or you do little to […]

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Save You Time and Money

It’s 2021 a new social media platform came out, Google changed its algorithm… again, the marketing plan you came up with isn’t working, and you’re stuck trying to do 10 different jobs while running your business. This is typically how our clients feel when trying to do everything on their own for their business but […]

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

You may think that the cost of working with a digital marketing agency might not be worth it but, it will actually help your business exponentially. Here are some reasons why you need a digital marketing agency. TIME MANAGEMENT This is by far the biggest and most important reason to hire a digital marketing agency, […]

What is Domain Authority and How to Make it Better?

Domain Authority (DA) is a result of how search engine sites like Google rank your website. Your website is then gauged through SEO software like Moz to see how you rank up against others. Just because you have the highest domain authority ranking doesn’t mean you’ll do the best; there are still many factors that […]

Are Landing Pages Still Used in Digital Marketing

Landing pages are still incredibly important in today’s web world. They can generate more leads, which can lead to more sales, and if you don’t have a landing page, you could be missing out on increasing your companies profits.  If you don’t know what landing pages are, it is a specific page that someone lands […]

How Google My Business Can Help Your Business

If your business doesn’t have Google My Business, then you’re leaving money on the table. Google My Business is free and easy to use to increase website traffic and engagement, receive reviews and contact customers, and be seen by more people on Google and Google Maps. Today we will be discussing how Google My Business […]

How to Increase Engagement with Customers

Knowing how to increase engagement with customers can be very beneficial for your business; it can build rapport, increase website traffic, increase referral rate, higher sales rate, and many more. Customers more and more want to communicate with people, not a business or robot.  What are some ways to increase engagement with customers? One of […]