Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2023

Looking to make improvements to your social media marketing strategy? Now is the time! Whether you are new or a veteran of social media, it doesn’t hurt to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy because digital marketing changes very often and very quickly. That’s why, at SCM, we have decided to give you some pointers on […]

What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business be on

We get this question a lot from our clients and even from potential clients that want to know how to step up their digital marketing and the short answer. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!! Now we understand that running all your social media platforms is very difficult and time-consuming, especially in the beginning, and growing your […]

Stop Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

If you’ve tried using Facebook Ads only to get no leads or conversions, little traffic, and end up wasting your money READ THIS NOW. Facebook Ads are a great tool to use for your business. Facebook offers a lot of variety and tracking tools for all your needs to run a successful campaign. All that […]

How Can You Use Social Media for Your Business

In this day and age if your business doesn’t use social media it could be hurting your business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, dipping your toe into a variety of different platforms is the key to growing your business in today’s market. But with so many platforms how should you […]

Manage Your Social Media Accounts That Don’t Get Leads

Social media is still in its early stages for most businesses and some companies don’t see any results with their social media accounts so they give up on them. THIS IS NOT GOOD.  Just because your social media account isn’t generating you leads right now doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t’ generate you leads […]