What is a Good Website Conversion Rate?

Before we go into detail on what a good website conversion rate is, we need to understand what it is. Conversion rate records the percentage of users or visitors who have completed a specific action, such as a new purchase, sign-up, or download, and so forth. The percentage for each product or service can vary […]

Tips to Keeping Your Website Content Fresh and Relevant

A trustworthy website is only as credible as the relevant content on it. Up to date website content can help provide insight for customers to make the decision of choosing you to do business with. Not only that, but a user-friendly and well designed website improves brand awareness and makes your website more memorable. With […]

Your Website is the Key to Business Success

Every business owner today understands they need to have a website in today’s digital-driven world, but few understand the importance and power that your website holds for your business. A website is more than just telling your clients what products and services you provide… It’s a way to show your customers who you are as […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a “Cheap” Web Developer

The best way to set your business up for failure is by buying a cheap web developer and marketing service. Not only will this end up costing you more money but it will also ruin your SEO progress.  In today’s digital world the most important thing for your business is your website. It is the […]

A New Website Design Can Make Your Business 10x More Money

Your presence on the internet today is everything in business. Word of mouth is still valuable but if your social presence isn’t up to par with it then you’re losing customers. More people would rather do business with a company that has a better website.  WHY!? Because they see that company as being an expert […]

Importance of Having an Easy to Use Website

Having an easy to use website is vital in today’s business world. So much of business now days is done online, and if you haven’t optimized your website for this, you could be missing out. Most sales are done online from a phone screen and making sure that your website design looks good and works […]

How to Optimize Your Website

Your website is working, but you need to optimize your website better so people see who you are, what your business is, and how your product and service works. This is especially important if potential customers need your services but your website’s accessibility is not readily made available. It is almost a guarantee that they […]

Basic Designing Tips to Help Your Website Conversion Rate

If you are wondering why your web conversion rate isn’t doing so well, it is most likely due to a few reasons. It could be that your website has either too much or too little information about you and your business, you may be unclear about who your customers are, or your website looks like […]


It’s important that your company website receives regular attention and upkeep in order to stay ahead of the competition. We all know technology is always changing and if you don’t keep up, you’ll get left in the dust! Download our guide: 4 Easy Ways To Convert Visitors in 15 Minutes (or less!) The question is […]