So far 2015 is off to a great start if you ask the team at SCM Marketing Solutions. But with a new year comes new trends and predictions. The marketing industry is constantly changing, and companies try to get ahead of the curve by predicting what will happen with these trends in the next year. Although they might not all be accurate, it is good to be prepared to change your strategy. With that being said, keep reading for SCM’s digital marketing predictions for 2015.

Content that is Useful

In 2015 marketers shouldn’t write content just to write content. It will be increasingly important to make the content that you do publish useful to your customer. Another thing to keep in mind is to not be constantly pushing your products and services, instead give your consumers valuable information or something that they can actually put to use. When you’re doing this be sure to speak human, use language that your consumers can understand and find entertaining to become a trusted advisor in your community. Then when they need something that you offer, they know where to go.

A New Kind of Mobile

smart watchEveryone knows that 2014 was a great year for mobile. Businesses did well with adapting by designing responsive web pages. In 2015 comes another hurdle in the form of wearables. Tech companies are introducing smart watches, Google launched Google Glass, and Apple will be releasingApple Watch. With these new technologies bring the new challenge to businesses on how to bring their advertisements to predictions

The new mobile isn’t just wearables, the auto market is also a contender to watch out for. With both wifi and integrated interfaces being installed into cars soon that is another element that will need to be addressed by advertisers.

A Shift in SEO

Google is going to continue the trend of getting the most relevant information in front of their searchers. Instead of singular keywords the search engine will crawl using more specific key phrases. Although this is great for the specific needs of the consumer, it will make it increasing difficult for SEO specialists to predict and determine which key phrases their target audience will use.

Also, Google will take over with their instant answer feature. Now when you are looking for a fact or conversion, you no longer need to click into a website to get the answer. Google gives your the answer right in the search engine results page. Again, this feature is great for consumers wanting quick information but it really puts websites with this information at a disadvantage.

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Everyone is a Web Developer

Digital marketers are going to have to know the basics of HTML code in order to be successful online. Front end web development makes a huge difference on the consumer’s first impression and overall experience with the brand. In todays marketing industry, all digital marketers, not just web developers, use some form of basic HTML code every day. Be sure to brush up on your HTML language skills and be able to at least do the basics.

Have we nailed it or missed the mark? What other digital marketing predictions do you have for 2015?