direct mail SCM Marketing1. Major corporations like Disneyland, Bank of America and Time Warner Cable love direct mail!

“Direct mail ranked as the number one (88%) planned marketing channels for 2013, followed by web/micro-site, email, and social media.”

2. Direct mail has the highest rate of gaining new customers.

“ For customer acquisition, direct mail (34%) topped email (25%), search engine marketing (10%), and affiliate marketing (8%), with 23% of respondents citing a variety of other channels.”

3. Direct mail has potential for huge returns!

“US advertisers spend an average of $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold, giving them a 1300% return.”

4. The paper used for direct mail is green.
“Nearly 80% of U.S. paper mills use recovered fiber to make some or all of their products. About 140 mills use recovered paper exclusively.”