How Google My Business Can Help Your Business

If your business doesn’t have Google My Business, then you’re leaving money on the table. Google My Business is free and easy to use to increase website traffic and engagement, receive reviews and contact customers, and be seen by more people on Google and Google Maps. Today we will be discussing how Google My Business can help your business today and now.

google my business

Right off the bat, being on Google My Business allows you to be seen on Google Maps, which can be huge for businesses if potential customers are searching to know where you are located and if you’re near them and allows you to be seen more quickly in the Google Maps mode. If a potential customer is looking at Google Maps to find a business like yours, they will be more inclined to visit the ones seen on the map rather than go out of their way to find one that’s not.

Another reason for being on Google My Business is the interaction that you can have with your customers. When a person finds your business on Google, it can show contact information, website link, menus, posts, location, and so much more to bring more traffic and convert more leads for your business.

A massive feature for Google My Business is the review tab; review tabs can make or break your business. Having a place where people can review your service or company can show other potential customers that you are an excellent place to do business. Especially if you have good reviews because the lower reviews tend to hurt businesses, reviews can also help you with search rankings in Google to rank higher.

Google My Business allows you to promote your business to places on the internet that you might not always be able to reach; it provides you with immense resources and information to help you and your customers. Google My Business is a free platform that can increase traffic, conversion, build rapport, etc. The best news about it is that it’s free.

google my business

If you’re interested in getting more customers or traffic to your business, let us help you set up and excel in your Google My Business page so you may get the most out of it. Contact us today and schedule a meeting to see how we can help you and your business grow. We have been helping businesses with social media, website development, digital marketing, SEO, and other forms of marketing for over 10 years. If you would like us to help you and your business today, visit SCM Marketing Solutions today.