How Google Can Now Increase Lead Generation For Your Business

Google is switching things up with local search they have been testing this new lead generation ad system in the California San-Francisco bay area and are now moving to other cities.

Home service ads will be located at the top of the page above PPC ads. Instead of paying for clicks you will pay for lead generation. Google will track every lead that contacts you through their search engine To be listed in local search the companies need to become google guaranteed which is no easy feat.

The process of becoming google guaranteed involves:
1. Making sure the company is complying with all rules and regulations
2. Complete background checks on all new and existing employees and contractors
3. Recertification every three months

Google is guaranteeing that they will cover the work up to $2,000. As of now, they are offering this to locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, garage door services, painting, and a few more services.

Once a business has been approved into the program, the algorithm of who will be ranked higher will be based on a few different factors. One factor is that companies must maintain consistent names, addresses, and phone numbers across directory sites online. Another factor is quality and quantity of reviews. Responsiveness is also going to be calculated, how fast a company calls customers back and how long it takes them to respond to inquiries. Gone are the days when a company could just pay for ads to place them at the top; businesses now have to show excellent performance as well, since this is what will determine their rankings.

The world of SEO and marketing is rapidly changing. Google algorithms are constantly being updated. In order for your business to succeed you must have a strategic digital marketing plan. SCM Marketing Solutions can help your business achieve its goals.