Have You Started Using Google Local Service Ads to Get More Leads?

I am guessing that you probably have never heard of Google Local Service Ads because it is a brand new product only available to certain service-related fields and in certain areas.  Here at SCM, we are excited that we have been able to start educating and implementing this new and exciting Google product to our customers. Here are the top reasons why we love this product right now:

  1. Local service ads are always placed at the top of a related search.
  2. Your company is Google Guarantee company.  Your customers trust Google Guarantee businesses because they know that your company is certified, insured, and has completed a background check to qualify for the Google Guarantee Badge.  Basically, your customers will know they can trust you by seeing this awesome green badge!
  3. With Google Ads, you pay for clicks hoping they turn into leads. With Google Local Service Ads you pay for leads NOT clicks!  This is a game-changer for service-related businesses, especially contractors and restoration companies because the average conversion rate with Google ads is usually around 3% which can become frustrating during slow seasons.
  4. Managing your leads is made simple with Google’s easy to use tools.

Are you using Google Local Service Ads?  If you haven’t started and want to learn more or are interested in signing up, we can help.  Call (920) 249-5760 to find out if Local Service Ads are available for your business in your service areas and the current cost per lead.