Are Landing Pages Still Used in Digital Marketing

Landing pages are still incredibly important in today’s web world. They can generate more leads, which can lead to more sales, and if you don’t have a landing page, you could be missing out on increasing your companies profits. 

landing page

If you don’t know what landing pages are, it is a specific page that someone lands on from a particular marketing campaign. This shouldn’t be confused with a home page because landing pages are all about converting leads into sales. Landing pages are typically used for ads such as email campaigns or pay-per-click ads. They direct the potential lead to a specific page that can help funnel them and turn them into a customer. 

The main thing about landing pages is that they are for specific actions you want your customer to take. If you direct someone to a landing page, you want to offer them a specific deal that your company has going on at that time. This could also include having them sign up for a newsletter or promoting a new product or service. Landing pages are used for particular things and don’t last forever. 

Landing pages also affect the SEO of your website; high-quality landing pages can boost your SEO rankings in several ways. Not only does it provide your company the opportunity to target specific keywords, but it also can be a good source of inbound and outbound links which can raise domain authority. Landing pages also benefit from raising click-through traffic, lower bounce rates, increasing brand awareness, and direct your customers to something specific. 

landing page

Landing pages are critical for your company to have, especially if you want to increase your SEO rankings. To learn more about landing pages, or how SCM Markets could help you with your digital marketing, contact us to schedule a meeting or visit our website for more information.