The Secret of YouTube and the Importance of it for Your Business

Since the time that YouTube has come out, it has grown to be one of the most important social media platforms in the world. YouTube has been around since 2005 and from that time it has managed to stay on top the longest and still continues to grow while other platforms fall behind. 


What is YouTube’s secret and why is it so important to business today?

To understand YouTube’s secret and why it’s so important to your business you need to know who owns YouTube.

The Answer: Google

Back when YouTube started it was just a place for people to share videos of whatever they wanted to. Whether that was snowboarding in NYC or vlogging about their day but now it’s so much more. YouTube has evolved over the years which is one of the reasons it was able to stay around and on top as long as it has. It now has tv, music, live streaming, and many more features and I guarantee you even more that we don’t even expect for the future. 

YouTube is not just a place for people to share videos anymore.

So what is YouTube’s big secret…

YouTube’s secret is that…

It’s the new Google!

Today so many of us are connected to the internet and with all the technology we have today YouTube is the new Google. 

YouTube is a search engine and market, meaning that you can get customers to buy products and services from your business on that platform or you can work on ranking for keywords. Just like you can do on Google, the only difference is the content it uses is video. 

So instead of people going to Google to look up your business, they are going to YouTube to check out your brand and see videos of the things you’ve done and what people are saying about you. 

This is why YouTube’s secret and why it is so important for your business.

Now if you’re worried that you’re late to the party, don’t be. YouTube is still young and it will continue to grow and change. What you can do now is take action and realize that your business needs to be on this platform in order to survive and grow. 

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