What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business be on

We get this question a lot from our clients and even from potential clients that want to know how to step up their digital marketing and the short answer. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!!

Now we understand that running all your social media platforms is very difficult and time-consuming, especially in the beginning, and growing your social media is even harder but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying. 

BUT… all that being said here are the bare minimums that your company should be doing for social media.

#1 Facebook

If you have a business of any kind you NEED to have a Facebook page. This is a must and most businesses have one but they don’t do enough on it. Facebook has a lot of potential for your business and tools to help it grow with ads and posts.

#2 Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform if you sell products especially if they are products that require a picture or video. This allows a nice quality photo to be seen by thousands of people. The better it looks the more it will be seen. Instagram also is a big platform for businesses to hire influencers to showcase their products and business. 

#3 YouTube

YouTube is very important for a lot of businesses and will be for every business in the future but that being said, it’s not for everyone right now. If you can’t even create photos for your business on Facebook and Instagram then you probably won’t have much luck with creating Videos for YouTube. 

These are the top 3 social media platforms that your business should be using or working up to using. I put these in a very specific order for a reason and here’s why.

FIRST, you should start out with a Facebook page because it gives you many tools to use for your business such as Facebook and Instagram Ads as well as many other business tools. The SECOND step should be to move to more pictures and videos on Instagram because they can be posted to Facebook as well. Instagram is a better place for businesses to post their pictures and videos. Once those two platforms are easily done the THIRD would be to move on to YouTube. This is the platform where you would hire a professional videographer to make high-end videos to post on your YouTube Channel. 

That is the order you should follow for your business, and if you would like help with more strategies for Social Media Marketing contact SCM Marketing Solutions to learn more.