Social Media Videos: How To Create The Perfect Video For Your Next Facebook Ad

Everyone knows that the amount of videos that our world is viewing today is massive, and it will only continue to grow. Social media videos are now an essential component of a company’s marketing strategy. By 2020, a majority of Facebook content will become video. Consumers are eating up video content primarily on mobile devices at the touch of a button. Smart companies are changing their content to video.

So once, your company decides that video marketing is key to their marketing strategy, how can you ensure your social media videos are successful? Here are some of our favorite social media video tips for creating the perfect Facebook ad video.

social media videos facebook ads how to

Calls to Action

Your post needs to have easy and immediate action that you want your customer to take. A call to action button should be placed in or below the video. The message should be clear cut and easy to see. A big thing to think about is giving the viewer a compelling reason to take the action.

A Good Length

Your social media video can’t be too short or too long. The perfect length depends on your campaign objectives and who your audience is. Social media videos are becoming shorter and shorter. The 6-second trend is appealing right now because of the massive amounts of content being posted on social media every day. Since most of Facebook content is being viewed from a mobile device, viewers are typically multitasking while scrolling through Facebook, which is why marketing videos need to be short and to the point.facebook ad videos quality length scalability


You need different social media videos that cater to different targets, so the content doesn’t get old. Frequency is a good way to track scalability, which is basically how many times a person watches the ad. The more views, the better. However, with social media videos, this does not apply. Facebook users want fresh, new, and exciting content. Consumers have a greater variety on what they watch, so if a brand keeps showing the same video over and over, it can get stale and have a negative impact on social media channels.


With any traditional marketing or social media videos, you need to have high-quality content that tells your story. Short ads make it harder to create content that is creative and high quality, but it’s definitely possible. 6 seconds is enough time to convey your story effectively.

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