Tips to Keeping Your Website Content Fresh and Relevant

A trustworthy website is only as credible as the relevant content on it. Up to date website content can help provide insight for customers to make the decision of choosing you to do business with. Not only that, but a user-friendly and well designed website improves brand awareness and makes your website more memorable. With this in mind, it is important to keep your website trending to stay competitive. Follow these tips to keep your website fresh and relevant for visiting customers.

Fresh and Relevant Website Content

  • KEEP IT SIMPLE – Do not overwhelm customers and visitors with either too much text information or large gallery of images. Make sure to balance both aspects out and keep all information in sections.
  • UPDATE OLD CONTENT – Although most content can stay the same, be sure to always update services or products, such as sales, new processes, or even delete irrelevant information that’s no longer practiced. You don’t want customers to ask you questions about an old sale. 
  • UPGRADE WEBSITE NAVIGATION – Making your website mobile friendly is a must, since most organic visits and purchases are made through mobile. Occasionally test website speed to prevent low conversion rates.
  • INCLUDE LOCALIZED CONTENT – If you are trying to appeal to the local community, include local content from the community. Customers like to be reminded of where they love to live and how a business is contributing back to the community.
  • UTILIZE KEYWORD INFORMATION – Always keep up to date with search trends for keywords. Where they rank is very crucial, as the lower searched keyword will not bring customers to you. Not keeping up with it will make you less visible to your competitors.

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