Tips for Video Marketing and How to Create The Perfect Video for Your Audience

There is no debate that the best way to market your business online right now is through video marketing. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect video for your audience.

Grab Your Audiences Attention With a Hook

An effective hook is an introduction that pulls your audience in and makes them curious to see what will happen next. Hearing the term “hook” may bring back memories to your high school literature class, and the concept is still the same. Some examples of hooks are posing interesting questions to your viewers or sharing an interesting fact or statistic with them. Think about who your target audience is and what they may be thinking about or interested in learning.

The Importance of Being Mobile Friendly

Over half of videos are watched on mobile devices, so make sure your videos are mobile friendly. Typically when someone is watching a video on their computer, there are many different tabs open and they can multi-task while watching. You cannot usually be looking at more than one thing when watching videos on your phone since your mobile screen can only show one thing at a time. Not only is mobile becoming increasingly popular but it ensures that you are
getting your viewer’s undivided attention.

Humor Is Always a Good Idea

Humor can be the most effective way of connecting with your audience. Make sure to tailor the jokes to your audiences taste. Another added benefit that comes with humorous content is that a majority of viewers enjoy sharing videos that they find funny with their friends and family. This sharing can help spread your video marketing campaign like wildfire.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is an effective way to connect with your audience emotionally. Stories help us remember information better.

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