Use Video Marketing to Boost Conversions and SEO

Using video marketing to brand your business isn’t new, but what has changed is the fact that it has become popular in every social media platform. It has also become very convenient to use: it is cost-effective and you can even use it through your smartphone with the highest quality. The reason for its popularity is smartphone technology; it has been made very convenient to watch videos, and the pandemic boosted online media consumption by 215%! So now, if you ignore video marketing, you may risk your entire business and brand. Here are even more reasons to invest in video marketing:

How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

  • Improves SEO and Boosts conversions and sales

Marketers are seeing a big boost in customer clientele through video marketing. This is because websites see a search engine boost when a video is added, increasing page quality and the number of time users spend on it. It has greatly transformed how customers shop and revolutionized how salespeople connect with them. 

  • Appeals to mobile users

Mobile is the number one driving force for video consumption. According to Facebook, people are more likely to watch videos on a smartphone than on a computer. So be sure to make websites and social media mobile-friendly.

  • Great for building trust and educating users

Although most users are happy to watch just about anything, there is a small percentage that looks out for how-to videos and educational videos. This is not limited to just DIY or how to solve a problem online. Take the time to learn what these videos are and target this group of people.

If your business is looking into adding video marketing as part of your business strategy, visit SCM Marketing Solutions and we’ll help create those videos for you so you can rake in the profits.