Video Marketing Stats For You to Plan for 2023

In the year 2022, most marketers agree that implementing a video marketing strategy has helped increase sales and customer engagement. But why is it so effective? Here are the point-of-views of marketers versus consumers:

Video Marketing Overall

  • Video content is 1200% more effective than other marketing content.
  • Adding a video to your website increases the conversion rate by 80%
  • Using a video in ad campaigns increases the conversion rate by 34%
  • 90% of consumers discover new businesses or products through Youtube
  • Explainer videos are the biggest business trend currently

Video Marketing from Marketers

  • 93% of brands report they gained new customers for social media videos
  • 61% of companies say videos are a large part of their marketing
  • 83% of marketers generated leads with the help of video marketing
  • 52% of marketers say video marketing has the best ROI with a positive impact

Video Marketing from Consumers

  • Videos are consumers’ favorite content on social, spending an average of 100 minutes per day, and 16 hours total per week.
  • 66% of consumers prefer short informational videos about a product or service
  • Viewers absorb about 95% of the message while watching a video
  • About 84% of consumers make a purchase after watching an explainer video
  • Google users prefer video search results

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