How Videos Are Changing Social Media Marketing

In the last few years social media, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have released video sharing capabilities, and nothing has been the same since.

The biggest change in social media marketing has been the sheer increase in content volume. Companies all want to know how they can stand out above all the noise on social media. One answer is by sharing video content. If you think about it, reading just isn’t as easy as watching videos. The fact remains, since the onset of video sharing capabilities on social media there has been an all-time high of video posts.

It’s easier to share via video, and that’s why more people are doing it. Video also represents a greater medium for self-expression. Think of all the challenges, ice water to Kiki, they all take social media by storm, and people love making them almost as much as they like watching them.

With all of these reasons driving more and more people to make videos, it’s obvious why these videos are changing social media marketing. The brands must advertise in the places were the most consumers are congregating and since videos are popular, that’s where the advertisers are going. Many companies are sponsoring famous video content creators to create content.

Which is an amazing thing because the advertisers are paying the content creators a lot more money and that in turn makes the content creation marketplace more competitive. Which causes these content creators to dig deep into their creative souls and produce wonderful content that all of us viewers want to see!

Isn’t that nice, those evil commercial sponsorers that you hated as a kid are actually the very same people cutting the checks for your favorite social media marketers to create bigger and better content for you to ogle over, thanks to advertising dollars!

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