What is a Good Website Conversion Rate?

Before we go into detail on what a good website conversion rate is, we need to understand what it is. Conversion rate records the percentage of users or visitors who have completed a specific action, such as a new purchase, sign-up, or download, and so forth. The percentage for each product or service can vary greatly depending on what’s in demand and how effective the targeting is. For example, a shoe business runs a Facebook marketing campaign, attracting 1,000 visitors. If the conversion rate is 2%, that means that only 20 visitors actually made a purchase. So what is a good website conversion rate?

Average Website Conversion Rate

The average conversion rate of a website ranges from 1% to 3%, meaning that your visitors will not complete any of the actions within your website, but this is okay because not every visitor who visits the website has the intent to purchase anything. Even though the average conversion rate is low, imagine if there are 100,000 visitors. That means that 3% of 100,000 is 3,000 visitors who actually completed actions within the website, whether if it’s signing up for a membership, purchasing items they need, or downloading virtual information. 

Good Website Conversion Rate

A good conversion rate is anywhere from 2% to 5%, and even then, only top brands have achieved higher conversion rates. This is where you need to understand the sources of where your visitors come from. Some sources are more popular than others and visitors from a specific source may be more interested in your business rather than random visitors. It is also important to note that mobile devices are a popular research tool even though conversion rates for it is not very high, compared to desktops. 

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