What is Domain Authority and How to Make it Better?

Domain Authority (DA) is a result of how search engine sites like Google rank your website. Your website is then gauged through SEO software like Moz to see how you rank up against others. Just because you have the highest domain authority ranking doesn’t mean you’ll do the best; there are still many factors that come into using your domain authority to the full extent. 

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How does Moz measure Domain Authority?

Moz can estimate your domain authority by looking at multiple variables such as root domains, number of links, including inbound and outbound links. The scale ranks from 1 to 100, and the higher the score, the better. Authority uses a logarithmic scale, so reaching higher and higher scores becomes harder and harder. Knowing your DA can also help you know which sites you should link to have better results for your business. 

How to increase your Domain Authority Score?

Just to reiterate, having a higher domain score does not always mean more success; this is a tool that is best used compared to other websites. DA and SEO go together because the more high-quality links you have, the better ranking your website can be on Google. So what are some ways to increase these rankings?

  • The first way is simple… content. The more content you have, the more links you can link out to, and the more people could potentially link to you. Content is king when it comes to DA. 
  • The second way is by not breaking any of the rules by Google. Google can penalize you for spamming the number of links you have on your website, especially if you have a lot on one page. Google also does not like it when you automate your linking to multiple outlets at once. 

The game for DA and SEO is a slow one, and the one that produces the best content and uses its tools to rank better correctly will eventually rank higher. 

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