Wondering Why Your Website Doesn’t Show Up on Google?

Google is one of the largest search engines to exist today. If your website isn’t on Google, then you are missing out on a large traffic and revenue source. To fix this issue, there is a need to invest in Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO. However, SEO doesn’t just happen overnight. Here are a few factors as to why your business isn’t showing up on Google or aspects of SEO that you need to explore.

SEO That Your Business May Need or Missing

A website cannot rank in Google if it has crawl problems. Crawl problems are when Google cannot visit, crawl or read, or index a website. Some common issues may include underdeveloped SEO value in pages, slow or insecure websites, or because it’s not very mobile-friendly.

Using keywords is equivalent to speaking your customers’ language. Finding a middle ground between keywords that are too unique or too broad can be hard. Do some keyword research for your business and then test these keywords to see how often they are being used by you and the competition.

Each page of a website should always keep the customer in mind. After identifying the keyword you want, put them in title tags, meta descriptions, headers, alt-tags, and body text. Google can better identify the specific keywords and point customers to these pages.

Google decides how trustworthy a website is based on backlinks and authority. Links from a variety of relevant sources boost your website’s credibility, almost like references! Get links from other local businesses and organizations to make a better impact on Google.

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