3 Ways to Boost Your Website’s SEO

Every company wants to be seen more on the internet but very few take the correct steps in order to do so. Building your digital marketing and SEO presence takes time, I’m talking months to years to perfect it, but very few people want to wait that long. That being said, you can still do […]

How Google Sees SEO

There’s a lot of things that Google looks at when it comes to SEO and your website so let’s try and make this as simple as possible and talk about what you should be focusing on. For your website to be ranked high by Google it first needs to be seen by Google. It gets […]

Why Does Your Business Need SEO Help

People can’t do business with you if they don’t know who you are. This is true in most businesses today, even on the internet.  Not many people want to do business or buy something from someone that they don’t know anything about. This is where SEO can help your business.  What is SEO? In a […]

2019 SEO Trends to Watch For

As with anything in technology, each new year brings changes and updates and this year’s SEO trends are no different. Here are some of the most significant changes you will need to become familiar with if you do not want to get left behind in the SEO dust of 2019. 1. SEO Trends – Internet […]

Benefits of Online Citations to Visibility and SEO

Why Citations are Important Online citations are a tremendous benefit your company because getting listed improves the likelihood that your customers are able to find your business when they are searching for specific services and products. In simple terms, a citation in the online world refers to any time your company information is listed on a website. These include […]


The goal of most small businesses is to grow in the most effective way possible. There is no doubt your target audience is online whether they are searching Google, scanning Facebook, or checking email. In order to reach these people, you need to be there too. Creating intriguing, relevant content that speaks to your audience […]


So now you’ve updated your website to increase the conversion rate and get you more leads. But encouraging people to convert doesn’t do much if they can’t find your site in the first place. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. When you optimize your website for search engines it helps to make sure […]